SleepCare: Big ideas in a small device

What is sleep apnea?

At Bao-Meditech, we believe that an oral appliance must be small and light to be comfortable, and that comfort is key to nightly use — and to results. That’s why we’ve designed SleepCareTM to be one of the smallest and lightest oral appliances available on the market today.


Discreet and easy to use

SleepCare snugly covers your teeth so takes up just the space it needs in your mouth – and no more. It gives your tongue more room, which allows it to maintain its natural movements. It is designed to keep your mouth closed at night.1,2 Of course, you can sleep with your mouth open if that’s your preference. SleepCare works either way.

It only takes a few seconds to pop SleepCare into your mouth. It quickly clips into place, doesn’t slide around while you sleep, and gently opens the airways to let you breathe normally through the night. It doesn’t make noise, it’s the same colour as your teeth, and is so discreet, your partner will hardly notice you’re wearing it.

Lightweight but strong

SleepCare is made of a resilient, durable3 polymer instead of acrylic or metal. This biocompatible4 material is not made from latex, paraben or bisphenol A, so you’re less likely to develop allergies. It’s also very lightweight, unlikely to leak or break, and it is designed to be strong enough to resist teeth grinding.5 This all adds up to give you a light, comfortable oral appliance.

Easy to adopt

SleepCare may take a few nights to get used to, but it’s easier than you think. Being so lightweight and strong, small and discreet, 86% of patients wear their SleepCare every night.2

In an ongoing, five-year Bao-Meditech clinical study, 3-6 months results showed that patients used SleepCare on average 6.7 hours per night, and 6.7 nights per week.2 That’s a lot of restful sleep.


No batteries or cables required

You don’t need to plug in SleepCare, recharge it, or worry about batteries.

Just pack it up and bring it with you wherever you go. Keep it at home beside your bed or in your bathroom, or 


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