Is the SleepCare oral appliance for you?

What is sleep apnea?

SleepCare™ is an oral appliance that will appeal to adults who want a non-invasive solution to their chronic, loud and bothersome snoring. It’s also a proven solution for those who seek an alternative to positive airway therapy (PAP) therapy for treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), or even severe OSA if you've demonstrated that you are unable to use CPAP devices.1,2,3,4  Your sleep physician will guide you to make the right therapy choice.

Get confirmation from a specialist dentist

Once your physician has helped you choose MRD therapy over PAP, a specialist dentist will be able to confirm if you are indeed a suitable candidate for SleepCare. Ask your sleep physician for a referral, or find a sleep dentist.

SleepCare as a complement

SleepCare will appeal to those who want to alternate between therapy options.

  • People who want an occasional break from CPAP therapy
  • People who want to alternate regularly between the two therapy solutions
  • Business people who travel a lot and need a lightweight, portable therapy solution they don’t need to plug in or carry cables or batteries for. 


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More about SleepCare

SleepCare is a clinically-proven oral appliance that's custom-made for greater comfort and ...